Monday, February 18, 2008

Does Mike have B.O.?

I found this quote on another page about Mike and was wondering if anyone in the queer community can confirm this? I hope it's true as there is no greater turn on then a stank ass Roadie riding your love pump! Whenever I look at that pic I can smell Roadie ass!

"Someone told me that they were at a Samples show and Micheal walked by him and he stunk of B.O. Does he have problems or is that just part of touring on the road with a band? He said he could smell his balls and ass from where he was standing."


Anonymous said...

Man, that sounds so hot! If I were at that Samples show and smelled Michael's balls and ass from several feet away, I would have gone into a homosexual rage and dragged him into the bathroom! I would have ripped ass right in his face and then had unprotected buttsex with him, for his pleasure!

Anonymous said...

the truth is i am a girl that acted like a boy to see if michael oliver is gay